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Marklin 6050/6051

ContentCommand StationsMarklin 6050/6051

Deprecated and no longer supported!

Because of the lack of a direction bit in this ancient protocol some features will probably not work in auto mode.

Cable configuration

Interface 6050/6051 to RS232

DIN-6 D-SUB-9 Label
1 3 Rx
4 2 Tx
5 8 CTS
3 5 Ground

Bridge on D-SUB-9 side pin: 4 - 6 - 1


General Command Station setup dialog:

Line settings



Hardware Flow




Number of s88 units.


Version Command sleep comment
0 0ms
1 10ms
2 50ms otherwise cts timeout

With version 2, the direction change will skip the preceding speed zero command.

Switch time

Time in ms to wait after the last switch command before a switch off command is send to prevent coil damaged.
Use 1000 (if old and slow magnetic objects)

Interface 6023

The 6023 interface must be switched to binary mode for using this protocol; Read section 6 on how to switch to binary mode.

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