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Speeds in automatic mode

In automatic mode, the delay can be achieved via various settings. In general, the locomotive decoders are to be adjusted to the desired braking behavior via CV4, only then optimal results can be achieved.
The following is an overview of the effect of individual settings and options:

Definition of arrival speed in block

This speed setting begins at ENTER in the relevant block.

Speed Definition in Routes

Route speed
This speed setting takes effect at IN of the block where the next Route starts.

When Locomotive option + Route option are set: Route speed at ENTER

Locomotive details
Route general

  • Works only when both options are activated (if one of the options is not activated, then regular Route rules apply)

       * This option is set for this locomotive
       * Is only applied in routes where the route option is also set
   * The individually set speeds are evaluated for the relevant Routes
   * With this option combination, the new speed starts in the block at the begin (Enter) of the route
   * If both options are set then SBT is ignored
   * Likewise, "reduce speed at thrown switches" is ignored

With this option, different speeds can be achieved for turnouts, while at the same time there is a sufficient braking distance in the block before the turnouts.

Speed ​​change with thrown switches

Rocrail Server - automatic settings
Speed limits - speed reduction option

  * The server option "No change in speed for turnouts" should not to be selected.
When in Routes with thrown switches a speed reduction on Vmid is desired, regardless of the Block or Route speed.
  * When the direction is straight, the speed is with Block or Route speed.
  * The option Reduce speed has to be set in each Route where this speed reduction is to take effect
  * The speed reduction takes effect at IN of a block, if there are thrown switches in the Route.
  * This option generally sets the speed to Vmid for thrown switches.

Loco Option Reduce speed at ENTER

Locomotive details
With this option, the speed change to Vmid with thrown switches already takes place with thrown switches at ENTER of the start of the Block with thrown switches. Basic prerequisite for the use of SBT

Routing option Thrown switches

Option thrown switches
Despite the somewhat misleading name, the speed reduction to Vmid is also carried out with straight switches, while thrown switches are simulated to implement the speed reduction. Advantageous, if one would slowly enter a station (with Vmid) even with straight turnouts and using SBT.

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