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Block Statistics


There are also statistics for sensors, but some Command Stations, like LocoNet, are note able to send both the sensor address and loco address in case of a QoS report. (Packet is too small…)
In this case the QoS is redirected to the loco, and if the loco is logically in a block it will on its turn redirect this information.

In combination with RailCom this Statistic Tab can be filled with signal quality reports. (0…100%)

The individual cell background color will be white for zero values and pure red for values greater or equal then 50.
The red saturation for all values less then 50 are interpolated.

The values reported are the percentage of the lost packets; The higher the value, the worse the quality.

  • If the red color is horizontal, the rails connected to the specified sensor should be cleaned.
  • If it is vertical, the wheels of the specified locomotive should be cleaned.

Supported Command Stations:

  • LocoNet (Z21 LocoNet)


Delete all statistic records of the selected block.

Show all

Show all statistic records from all blocks in one grid.


Timestamp of when the block was last used by a train type of "Track cleaning".
A route to a free block with the lowest time stamp value is reserved for locomotives / trains with the "Track cleaning" train type.

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