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Block Trackdriver

Track Driver

This flag must be set if this block is part of a Track Driver System (i.e. Dinamo).


Reset the block driver speed to zero after the block has been set free in automatic mode.
This will default to setting the block into analog mode with zero speed.

Linked blocks

If the track driver system supports linking blocks this option should be activated. Supported systems:

  • Dinamo

In case it is not supported this option must be deactivated to make sure the destination block will get a speed command.

Interface ID

If you have more than one Command Station you can use this field to link this switch with the CS you actually wired it with. Leave blank in case you have only one CS or when it is wired to the default CS. (First digint in the rocrail.ini)

Address and Port

Check the manual of the Command Station or Decoder on how to address this block.

Supported Trackdriver Systems


See: Dinamo

Loco Decoder

Theoretic possible, but technically open, because it's possible,
that with the PWM at the motor connections of an loc decoder
with analog locs without changes problems may occur.
It cannot be excluded,
that decoders will be damaged if locs driving over block boundaries.

If a block is connected to a normal (DCC) loco decoder the DCC address of this decoder must be set in the block address field. The port can be left zero.

Note: The speed parameters are used from the arriving loco interface settings in this block.
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