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Block Tracking

Interface ID

To address the correct tracking library the Interface ID should be set.


Tracking ID

Block unique ID for following tracking events.

Transfer ID

Cross reference to another Tracking ID in another context.

Transfer Text ID

The textfield for displaying the transfer status.

Block enter side

Adjust option for the block enter side in the other context.


Reserve on accept

Reserve the via block if the other side did accept the transfer.

Reject on occupied

Disable transferring by an occupied via block.


Snipped examples of possible commands:

<bk id="A-Strecke" cmd="offer" rem="Makes only sense if the block contains a locomotive."/>
<bk id="A-Bahnhof" cmd="offervia" offervia="A-Strecke"/>
<bk id="B-Strecke" cmd="accept"/>
<bk id="B-Strecke" cmd="cancel"/>
<bk id="B-Strecke" cmd="reject"/>
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