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CAN-GC8 Display Driver



By Rob Versluis & Peter Giling


The firmware development of the CAN-GC8 uses the same board as the CAN-GC2, and is for controlling two displays compatible with "DOG Series".


  • Driver for two displays.
  • Linefeed controlled by pipe character.
  • Adjustable contrast.
  • First line double high option.

Display Connection

Display1 = J4
Display2 = J3

SPI J3 J4 Remark
+5V 1 1
GND 2 2 Ground
SI 3 3 Serial data in
CLK 4 4 Clock
CSB 5 5 Chip select
RS 6 6 Command or Data


The CAN-GC8 shows up in the query.

Event number

Short event number; Long events are not supported.


Display contrast 0…15.

First line double high

Show the first line double high if the used display does support this option.

Show clock

Show the clock on the first line and date/temp. on the bottom line.

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