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CAN-GC4 Firmware

ContentHardwareMERG CBUS

Firmware version: 1.c rev.: 489, resonator: 8MHz, PIC18F2585

The firmware is based on CAN-GC2.
Boot mode is not supported.


© MERG (CBUS code.)
© Bob Ammerman (Software UAR(no T) code.)
© Rob Versluis,


  • Configuration over FLiM
  • Report RFID (short)events: OPC_DDES/OPC_ASOF¹
  • Report GCA93 Sensor events: OPC_ASON/OPC_ASOF
  • Positive ID list for generating events. ( For opening doors.;-) RocHome )
  • Watch dog in each RFID channel for reset in case of interfering signals.

¹) Optionally.


NMRA Manufacturer ID 70
Product ID 4
Default node number 115
Default CanID 115




Node Variables

# Description
1 node configuration
3-27 5 x 40bit Allowed RFID

Node configuration byte

Bit Default Function Remark
0x01 off Save RFIDs Used for SoD; Use with care → Old information is reported!
0x02 off Check RFIDs The incoming RFID must be in the list of allowed RFIDs for generating a CBUS event.
0x04 off Release RFIDs An event with OPC_ASOF is send after 2 seconds to release the related sensor.
0x08 off Accessory events for RFIDs For use in combination with check RFIDs to trigger an output on the CAN-GC2; No RFID event is generated. (Door opener.)

Node Events

Event# Description Variable
0-7 RFID not used
8-15 Block not used
16 SOD not used

ID-12 Data Format

Development Tools

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