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Car Functions



A short description of the functionality.
This is mandatory for saving a function definition; Without a description all other settings are lost.


Function mapping.
This can be used in case a train function is mapped on another number for this car.
Function Fx will be set/reset instead of the original function number.

)( Pushbutton

The option determines the behavior of the associated Function key / button in throttles.
Deactivated = Switch. The function is alternately switched ON and OFF by pressing a button.
Enabled = Button. The function is ON only for the duration of the button is pushed.


Function Icon.
This will be saved only if the function description is set.


The LED fields are supported by the following libraries:

  • WIO
Field Value Remark
1 LED address > 100 will trigger a LEDScript, <address-100>led.txt, on the WIO.
2 Count of LEDs Starting with LED address.
3 Color select Only in case of none LEDScript.
4 Brightness Only in case of none LEDScript.
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