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DCC_Gen is a simple - D.I.Y. - DCC Command Station with PC comunications (protocol Lenz Xbus v.3) and a potentiometer to control speed. (No booster)

You can control 16 locos simultaneously, controls turnouts and signaling (even making routes), programming and reading decoders on various DCC modes and connect to a computer to see the status of 128 S88-feedback inputs and drive locos, all of this in a LCD screen with diferent menus and three (English, Italian and Dutch) languages.

Includes a fast clock from 1:1 to 60:1 if you use timetables, posibility of making routes and control all with an infrared TV RC5 . All at a lower price than any comercial Command Station.



The DCC_Gen uses the xPressNet protocol.
For settings see: Lenz xPressNet

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