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Compile & Build

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Platform Build CPU Target Remark
Apple macOS Regular Intel 64bit & Apple Silicon M1/M2 Mac Mini
Debian Regular Intel 32bit/64bit & ARM64 UTM on Mac Mini
PiOS Daily ARMHF Raspberry Pi 4
PiOS Regular ARM64 Raspberry Pi 4
Windows i32/i64 Daily Intel 32bit/64bit Cross compile on Raspberry Pi 4
Windows ARM64 Regular ARM64 native build MSY2, UTM on Mac Mini
Windows x86_64 None Intel 64bit native build MSY2
Windows i386 None Intel 32bit native build MSY2

Make Targets

Target Description Remark
clean Remove binaries and object files. Creates object skeletons and Wrappers. Is automatically called by following targets.
all Rocrail Server and Rocview.
fromtar Same as all but with pre generated files. Mandatory for none i386 platforms.
server Server only. Automatically uses internal fromtar.


API Error Codes


Dump Pre Processor Defines

gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null

PiOS Swap

The standard PiOS Swap size is only 100MB and ist too small for doing a git pull on the Zero with 512MB memory.
Increase the size to 512 or 1024 in the file /etc/dphys-swapfile and reboot.


Errors like this, caused by git pull, could be solved with increasing the Swap size:

index-pack died of signal 9

General information

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