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Doehler & Haass FCC

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Accessory Decoder

The sensor module must be added to the Accessory Decoder table.

Bus & Address

Base decoder address on the SX bus.

Sub Address

The address on which the state byte is located.
This depends on how the module is configured.

Protocol Version

Nr Mode Remark
0 Occupancy only Classic occupancy detection.
1 Compatibility mode SX1 address detection.
2 Full featured mode SX1, SX2 and DCC address detection.


  1. Select the wanted decoder from the dropdown list.
  2. Enable accessory programming.
  3. Optionally select the dh-rm.xml decoder definition file located in the decspecs folder.
  4. Read/Write the selected CV.

Note: Read the manual on how to set the sensor module in programming mode.

Server Trace

20190722.160932.642 r9999I sxReader OMttmFcc 1353 sensor mod=RM-10 addr=0:10 subaddr=14 ver=2 port=2 info=0x61 bidi1=0xE8 bidi2=0x92
20190722.160932.643 r9999I sxReader OMttmFcc 1263 DCC long 2408

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