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DMX Art-Net


The DMX standard can be used in combination with color Output objects and indirectly by the Weather control.
The AVR-ArtNetNode communicates over LAN using the UDP protocol which do not need any form of handshake.



The IP address of the DMX AVR ArtNetNode. (Default:

Frame rate

The DMX512 frame rate in range of 100ms and 10sec.
Default 500ms.


The universe to use; Check the ArtNet specs.
Default is zero which should do in most cases.

Map white

If a device does not have a white channel the white value will be added to the RGB channels.

Restore channels

Restore the channel data of the previous Rocrail session.


Poll the network for ArtNet compatible devices.


Only Rocrail Output objects are supported.

Output DMX
Address DMX device address between 1 and 512

:!: If a device on address 1 has 6 channels the second device should start on address 7.



Example of the DMX channels from a flood light panel:

An assembled AVR-ArtNetNode and a DMX compatible flood light:
The documentation is a bit scrambled in this archive:

But contains never the less all needed information.
Also information on how to change the IP address is documented and needs another piece of software linked in the start-up document. This is a little bit time-consuming if your home LAN is not in the 192.168.0.* subnet. For this purpose an extra DHCP switch will be very helpful.
To activate the slave mode in the Flood Light setup is not well documented and needs some fantasy.

DMX Workshop

Rocrail is also listed in the DMX Workshop but with a default OEM:

Received OEM Code for Rocrail: 0x1180

DMX Example

This example shows the configuration of 2 output objects for 2 DMX devices.

Device 1

DMX address = 1

Channel Usage
1 Brightness/Dimmer
2 Red
3 Green
4 Blue
5 Speed
6 Mode

Device 2

DMX address = 7 (1 + 6 channels of device 1)

Channel Usage
1 Red
2 Green
3 Blue
4 White
5 Strobe
6 Mode
7 Speed

Output 1 (dmx1)

General Tab

Field Value
ID dmx1

Interface Tab

Field Value
IID artnode
Address 1
Value 2551)
Options Color
Type light

Color Tab

This device has the same channel assignments as listed here.

Channel Value
Red 2
Green 3
Blue 4
White 0
Brightness 1

Output 2 (dmx2)

General Tab

Field Value
ID dmx1

Interface Tab

Field Value
IID artnode
Address 7
Value 2552)
Options Color
Type light

Color Tab

Channel Value
Red 1
Green 2
Blue 3
White 4
Brightness 0

Arduino based

1) , 2)
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