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DigiKeijs DR5000

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LocoNet, LNTCP, is recommended for the DR5000 communication.

LocoNet LAN

Hostname LAN

Host name or IP-Address from the DR5000.
The LAN connection will get its IP address by DHCP: Hostname DR5000-<Serialnumber>.
Example: "DR5000-5000A0000008"

Hostname WiFi

The WiFi IP-Address of the DR5000:
This can only be used if the computer has been connected to the WiFi Hotspot of the DR5000.
WiFi is not recommended for controlling a layout.


The default DR5000 TCP/IP port is 5550.
:!: Note: After upgrading the DR5000 with a YD9401 the default port is 5560.


The LNTCP type must be selected for this communication protocol.
(Error message: Trace timer timed out for OPCODE 0xB0, to fix: increase timer)
- the time between switching on the system and starting Rocrail is too short, the DR 5000 should be left for a few moments until everything is ready for operation.

Loconet Options

Select "ibcom" Command Station to support functions 9…28.

Some LocoNet Throttles do not set an ID and therefore the Speed will not be updated in the Rocrail clients. (Rocview, andRoc, Rocweb…) See: Zero Throttle ID for more information about this issue Zero Throttle ID

LocoNet Details

Wait for slot data

This number should be increased, max. 128, if the following error occurs:

Could not get slot for loco addr=xx

Default Rocrail will read up to 16 packets until it give up waiting for a free slot.
This figure, the default of 16, seems to be too low for the DR5000.

Other Options

Option Recommended Value
Switch time 50ms
Slot ping Off
Fast clock Off


See for Z21 library settings Roco Z21.

Note: Power, voltage and temp. are not reported; No measurement hardware available.


If using the Z21 protocol in combination with DR5088RC there is a shift in reported feedback and block(RailCom) addressing.
A possible workaround is to decrease the Feedback addresses by one:

Setup USB


Following serial devices are added for the DR5000:

Windows Linux & RaspBerry Pi Mac OS X Protocol Library Sub-Library / Type Baudrate
COM4 /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 LocoNet loconet LocoBuffer 57600
COM6 /dev/ttyACM1 /dev/tty.usbmodem1413 Xpressnet xpressnet Li-USB 57600

Users who want to use the interface must be added to the dialout group. See Serial device user access (Linux).
After successful configuration, several other commonly used protocol types can be used with Rocrail.

Setup USB LocoNet Rocrail

More details are described below.



Tip: Use the Sensor Monitor to find the right address.


Switches, Outputs and Signals.

Protocol Addressing

Programming Track

Only direct CV programming is supported.

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