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Digital-Bahn DSD2010 RS232


This turntable decoder can also be controlled by DCC and S88, but a direct RS232 connection make both, DCC and S88, unnecessary.
Also more functions are available when using the RS232 communication.


  • All 48 can be used.
  • Sound and Light functions.
  • Position report.
  • Status and Error report.
  • F1-F3: flash, horn, buzzer


A new dsd2010 Controller/Command Station must be added in the Rocrail properties.

Only two settings are evaluated, the rest is fixed or not used.

Interface ID

Unique ID to link with the turntable object.

This must be set by the turntables which uses this library.
This is needed to report the right events to the right turntable.


The serial device which the DSD2010 is connected to.


The sensors RM1-RM3 are reported with this Interface ID.

RM1 has address 1, RM2 2 and RM3 3.


The position is reported with this Interface ID and turntable address zero.
To be able to process this it is important to leave the turntable address to zero.
See the screenshot in the following section Turntable interface

Turntable Interface

Interface ID

The Interface ID of this library.


Leave it at zero.


Select the dsd2010 type.


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