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The Dumper library can be used to write free text, without any protocol and in combination with Text objects, to a serial device.


The following settings are needed:

Interface ID

Unique ID to address this library.


The serial device name.


The communication speed.

Hardware Flow

CTS is recommended when dumping files.

Text setup

  1. Setup the Text Interface.
    • The IID must point to this library.
    • The Address must be set greater then zero.
  2. Setup Dynamic Text.

File URL

The Dumper can interpret file URL's, which the text of the Text object starts with, in the following format:


The file content will be written to the serial device with 1KB buffers. (Hardware flow!)
The file must be local in the Rocrail server context.
If no URL in this format is found the text of the Text object will be send directly to the serial device as is.


The output commands for ON/OFF can be defined as a text string.

  • The IID must point to this library.


If some serial data is send by the device it will be traced out after a linefeed character, '\n', is detected.

Example projects

Arduino with Text-Display

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