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GCA214 Loc Identification Receiver for WIO

gca214_pict_02.jpg gca214_pict_03.jpg

By Rob Versluis & Peter Giling


Based on the experiences from GCA204, there was the idea to create a small sensor unit for WIO system.
Since display was already provided in WIO, this option was skipped here, and that results in a much simpler unit
The basic reason for that was that a microprocessor is no longer needed.
The WIO (Ctrl) where it is connected to, contains a much more powerful processor to translate the LIR (Loc Identification Receiver) data.
Furthermore this unit can handle up to 3,5 Amp, so there is no damage with a standard Booster like ORD-3, when short circuit appears on the track.
The serial output of GCA214 is made with an Opto-coupler, so the board can simply be supplied from the rails itself.
It is connected to a serial input of the WIO system.
The Loc Id Info will be available over R3, going to IC2a- and IC2b+
The higher this resistor will,be, the more signal is received, but that should be limited.
Because all the current going to the rails will pass this resistor, it cannot be too high.

Therefore two diodes (D4 and D5) are in antiparallel connection with the resistor.
They limit the total voltage over this parallel combination to approx 0,5 V in both directions.
That is enough to activate either IC2a or IC2b, and then passed via IC1a or IC2b towards the opto-coupler.
Rocrail will be able with this unit to read back much information from the decoder on the main track,
without the need of programmer and programming rail.

Board and/or complete kits are available.

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