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Peter Giling
Hof van Berlage 38
7425CM Deventer

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European market restrictions

Unfortunately, the new international rules in July 2021, are forcing some prices to be increased.

Construction kits for LocoNet®, CBUS, RocNet and WIOxx.

In cooperation with the Rocrail team, Peter Giling developed units, which are easy to construct.
On this page you will find a list of kits.
All units are based on self construction.
All containing processors com pre programmed.
But all Arduino units have to be self programmed. The sketches can be obtained via the given links
Instruction for that can be found in the Arduino website.
As far as possible, no SMD parts are used, so self assembling is not harder than just the ability to solder.
However, there is, within certain limits, a possibility to buy complete assembled boards.
These units will be constructed for you by amateurs, but the amount of those units and delivery time needs to be discussed separately.
The quality of these hand made units will match the high standard, which will be guaranteed.
All kits are available here.


The pricelist of all articles is here for download.

How to order

Write an email to with a list of the items you like to order or use Order Form. With this form you will be able to select the items to order.
Orders below € 25,00 will be charged extra with administration fee of € 6,05.


  • Your Email Program should generate an Email automatically, and send it. If that does not work, send an email with your order to Peter
  • You will receive an email with an invoice which should be payed in advance by bank transfer.
  • All indicated prices are inclusive 21% VAT. (BTW, MWSt)
  • All KITS come with programmed processor (if applicable). Arduino/WIO/Raspberry PI oriented modules will not be programmed.
  • Separate programmed processors will only be delivered by order of matching PCboard
  • If specified in advance, Paypal payment is possible, 6% extra Paypal Fee will be added to invoice.

Shipping costs

Above certain limits shipping costs will be free according table below

Destination Order value
Netherlands > € 150,00 excl. Porto
European Union > € 300,00 excl.Porto

The almost daily changing rules and prices make it difficult to advice a pricelist for shipment.
Therefore, you will find a choice for shipment without or including insurance.
All shipments without insurance are 100% buyers risk.
GCA does not take any responsibility for shipments.
Shipment outside Netherlands is now mostly done via PostNL.
PostNL is a sompany that has no btw (= MWST / VAT / TVA) responsibility.
But when GCA charges shipments costs, it is is obliged to charge customer the extra btw.(=21%).


In all kits, where applicable, processors come with programmed firmware.
Arduino related kits will not contain programmed units, only single processor come preprogrammed.
Since this firmware, for all units sold by Giling Computer Applications, is freeware, there will be no charge for either the Firmware or the programming activities.


All products are supported:

Kits include all construction parts , pcb, programmed processor ( where applicable) and working is guaranteed as long as mounting instructions are followed.

Not functioning sets can be returned for repair and/or support, without labor expenses.

In that case you will be charged for return porto expenses.

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