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Frequently used words and acronyms through out Rocrail.

Word Description
Address The number (or numbers) for a device on the layout
ACK Acknowledgment, typically a signal that a Decoder acknowledged the CV value
Block A section or group of track considered to be one physical place on the layout
Booster A device that takes commands from a CS and mixes them with power to run the rails
bus A segment of the layout controlled by one Command Station. Some Command Stations can split up the system in segments which are referenced by the bus number. This is related to but not the same as the bus wiring for your layout
Code (AKA Identifier.) This is a number or text which was electronically scanned by RFID, RailCom, Barcode, IR or another BiDi system.
Consist A train with one or more locomotives and zero or more wagons. Note that an "Empty Consist" is a train with a locomotive and no wagons
CS Command Station, a device for controlling a digital layout (Marklin Central Station, Digitrax DCS100, Uhlenbrock Intellibox, etc… )
CTC Centralized Traffic Control
Decoder A circuit that can receive commands from a CS and control attached devices, typically the motor and lights in a Locomotive
DIY Do It Yourself
Event An action sent to Rocrail, that may cause it to change how it is controlling the layout
Feedback Signals sent by the layout to the CS
Field event Some Command Stations confirm commands, and this is in Rocrail defined as “Field event”.
Forum Rocrail Forum, home of the Rocrail Users Group (see RUG)
Ghost An unexpected occupancy of a Block, usually caused by a locomotive triggering a Sensor when Rocrail is not expecting it
ID Every object in Rocrail is referenced by ID. No number, but a readable string.
IID Interface ID: when using more than one controller you can link objects to them using the iid field. The first controller in the rocrail.ini is the default and will be linked if the iid for an object is not set.
Locomotive A Model Railroad Engine, capable of moving on the track
MBB Märklin Booster Bus
Multi-Heading Combining 2 or more Locomotives to head or control a Consist
MRCS Model Railroad Control System
NMRA National Model Railroad Association
Object Objects in Rocrail are: Loco's, Blocks, Turnouts, Signals, Outputs, Sensors, Texts, Tracks and Turntables. Each object can have its own properties
Occupied A Block has a Locomotive in it
POM Programming On the Main; DCC mobile decoder programming on the main.
Route A path from one Block to another
RTFM Read The Famous Manual ;-)
Sensor A piece of track that sends a feedback signal to Rocrail when it is occupied. Sensors trigger Events in Rocrail when they become occupied or unoccupied
S88-N RJ45 pin layout for s88 bus for using CAT-5 cables
SC Short Circuit
SCD Short Circuit Detected
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
Slot A piece of memory used for keeping the loco speed, direction and functions for refreshing the DCC signal. (Command Station)
SpDrS60 Abbreviation for "Spurplan-Drucktasten-Stellwerk-Siemens ab 1960"
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
Trace File Rocrail writes all activities in so called trace files which can be found in the working directory with the extention *.trc.
Train One or more Locomotives with zero or more wagons. See Consist above
Turnout A section of track that can send a train in 2 or more directions. Usually one direction is straight, and the other is curved ("turned out") to the left or right
UUP Unidentified Uhlenbrock LocoNet Packet
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