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Rocrail uses the raw position data provided by GTcommand as TCP/IP stream.
GPS coordinates must be setup in the sensor objects.

GT-Position IP interface

Windows XP, Vista and 7


  1. Add the tcpsendpos command line option to the GTcommand.exe shortcut or cmd file.
  2. Activate recording of data by starting GT-Command, choosing files/record position data and check recording.
"C:\Program Files\GamesOnTrack\GTcommand\GTcommand.exe" tcpsendpos:15010

Position data

Data is delivered in a comma-separated string. For every receiver there is an ID, distance and level:

<Time>, <Sender ID>, <valid measurement>, <x>, <y>, <z>, <Receiver ID>, <Distance>, <Level>
<Time> Milliseconds after start
<Sender ID> The specific transmitter ID, can be seen on the label
<valid measurement> 1 for valid measurement, 0 for invalid
<x> The x-coordinate in mm
<y> The y-coordinate in mm
<z> The z-coordinate in mm (is normally negative in a right handed coordinate system)
<Receiver ID> The specific receiver ID, can be seen on the label
<Distance> The measured distance in mm
<Level> The level of the measured ultrasound signal at the receiver. From 0-1000, with 0 being the lowest.

Example records

Time  SID   v  X    Y    Z   RID1           RID2           RID3


Interface ID

Unique interface name to be used in the GPS sensors.


The name of the computer on which the GTcommand is running.
Most likely not "localhost" if Rocrail runs on Linux or Mac.


Default 15010.

Section Mode

Section mode will be enabled in case the port number is set to 29910.
The GTCommand.exe must be started with command line option "-itrain".
If the section comment, set in GoT, is at least 3 characters long, it will be used as Rocrail Sensor ID instead of "Sn".


  1. Set the IID the same as for the interface.
  2. Set sensor type to GPS.
  3. Set sensor address to a unique virtual number within the GPS scope.
  4. Setup the GPS coordinates and tolerances to meet the sensor section. (All in millimeters.)

Coordinates & Tolerances

The black dot represents the X,Y Coordinate.
The distance between the black dot and the borders are the tolerances.
The same is for the Z value.
The GT-Position tolerance is 10mm.


After receiving a start package the software has been setup on Win7 running in VirtualBox. OK, no problems.
All receivers and sender units has been activated.
The TCP/IP stream reports at start:

Connected to: GTcommand version 3.6.2

Position data will follow if the sender is displayed in the scenario.

See the manual on how to setup the receivers.
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