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Pre defined keyboard accelerators

Function Keys

F1 - F12 are mapped to the locomotive functions.

General actions

Modifier Key Dialog/Action
CTRL 'Z' Undo
CTRL 'N' New
CTRL 'S' Save
CTRL 'O' Open
Configurable Emergency break
CTRL 'W' Open Workspace
CTRL 'D' Shutdown Rocrail
ALT 'K' Clear message windows
CTRL 'U' Flip full screen mode.


Modifier Key Dialog
CTRL 'L' Loco Control Dialog
CTRL 'T' Turnout Tester Dialog

In Object dialogs

Modifier Key Function
CTRL '<' Previous Entry
CTRL '>' Next Entry

Under macOS is the Command key to use instead CTRL.

Table Dialogs

Modifier Key Dialog
CTRL '1' Locomotives
CTRL '2' Routes
CTRL '3' Blocks
CTRL '4' Schedules
CTRL '5' Locations
CTRL '6' BlockGroups
CTRL '7' Turnouts
CTRL '8' Signals
CTRL '9' Outputs
ALT '1' Sensors
ALT '2' Turntables
ALT '3' Actions
ALT '4' Cars (Not automobile's)
ALT '5' Way bills
ALT '6' Operators
ALT '7' Variables

Edit Track Plan Hot Keys

Modifier Key Action
ALT 'R' Rotate the selected symbol
ALT 'D' Delete the selected symbol
ALT 'T' Change type of the selected symbol
'Delete' Delete the selected symbol
'Cursor Right' Rotate the selected symbol
'Cursor Left' Rotate the selected symbol

Loco Tab Filter

Modifier Key Filter
ALT 'A' View All
ALT 'S' Steamers
ALT 'I' Diesels
ALT 'E' Electrics
ALT 'C' Commuters
ALT 'P' Specials

Loco Throttle

If the slider has the focus:

Modifier Key Action
- 'Up' Increase speed
- 'Down' Decrease speed
- 'PageUp' Increase speed by 10
- 'PageDown' Decrease speed by 10


Change shown level

Modifier Key Action
CTRL 'TAB' Next level
CTRL + SHIFT 'TAB' Previous level
- 'Home' First level
- 'End' Last level
Note: This key actions are present in Windows, but they may not be available in all operating systems.

Switch Popup

With the control key pressed the commands are flagged forced.

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