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Status Light

From left to right

  • Green = OK or active.
Note: The definition is also displayed with the mouse pointer on the lamp as a tool tip.

1 Plan health

2 Power

  • Global track power.

3 Communication

  • Command Station Connection
  • The RS232 or TCP/IP successfully initialized and connected.

4 Sensors

  • Sensor system
  • Ready for processing Sensor report events.
  • mcs2: The sensor state will be green after the first sensor/s88 event has been received in case polling is disabled.

5 Accessory

  • Accessory system
  • Ready for controlling accessory decoders.

6 Auto mode

  • Ready to run trains in auto mode.

7 Init field

  • Init field is ready. This lamp is green after Rocview is started, and will go red on the Init Field command.


Not all command stations report a separate status for sensor and accessory systems and will remain red.

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