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Drag and Drop


Block and Route permissions are disregarded by using D&D.

From Loco tab to block

Left mouse button:

The ID cell and the loco picture can be dragged to set a loco in a block. If the block was already occupied it will be freed-up first.

Note: With Linux and OSX you can also D&D a loco to a different level. Drop the Loco on the tab of the level and it opens up, then place the loco in the desired block.

From block to block

Left mouse button + ctrl + alt:

If pressing the control+alt keys before dragging will add a block to the trip.

Note: Multiple same block IDs are not supported in a block trip.

Left mouse button:

Set the destination, or end of block trip, for a train and issue the command "GO".

Left mouse button + ctrl:

If pressing the control key before dragging it will move a train from one block to the other.
Note: Does not work on macOS; Use Shift+Alt instead.

Left mouse button + shift + alt:

If pressing the shift and alt key before dragging it will move a train from one block to the other.
Note: Available starting with version 2.1.3066+.

Left mouse button + shift

A list of possible schedules will popup if the Finder is active.
After selecting a schedule the train will get a GO command with the schedule.

Left mouse button + alt:

If pressing the alt key before dragging will set the pass through block to the train.
The train will not go into the idle state after reaching this block.

Start a loco in a block

Since the arrival of Drag&Drop the single left mouse click had to be sacrificed. A double click is needed to start a loco in a block.

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