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Quick start

If you report a problem in the Rocrail Forum you need to provide some essential files which you can easily collect with this function in a few steps:

  1. Deinstall all extra Virus and other scanners; Reboot.
  2. U P D A T E the Rocrail installation. This is very essential :!: Rocrail Update
  3. Delete old *.trc files.
  4. Open your workspace.
  5. Activate the required trace options:
    1. Don't know what to select: Information
    2. Drive automatically: Information + Automatic
    3. Controller problem: Information + Monitor
  6. Operate Rocrail until the problem occurs.
  7. Open the Help menu in Rocview.
  8. Select Issue.
  9. Write some text in the Subject field (do not use special characters); For example: "Switch does not work".
  10. Optionally write some detailed information about your issue in the Description text area.
  11. Click on OK.
  12. A file explorer window will open with a file named which can be attached in the Forum.
    At the bottom of the Forum entry is a "Upload Attachment" feature, select the file just created.
  13. If the zip file is not created automatically, then use a zip program to zip the "issue" subdirectory.


  • Modular plans cannot use this function and must be assembled manually, including all modules.
  • If Rocrail terminates before you can create the issue, then zip your workspace together and post it in the forum.

   At the bottom of the forum contribution there is a function "Upload Attachment".

Modular layouts

Creating an issue in case of a modular layout will flatten it into one plan file.
Zipping the complete directory will be the better way for this type of layouts.

Trace levels

Activate only server trace levels which are really necessary.

  • Byte trace level makes only sense in case of communication issues.
  • Automatic mode trace level makes only sense in case of automatic mode issues.
  • And so on…


  1. Switch off all unnecessary trace levels.
  2. Prepare the environment as needed for reproduction of the issue.
  3. Restart if needed.
  4. Make the reproduction of the issue as short as possible.
  5. Write in the Issue Dialog a step by step list on how to reproduce it.

Location of the Issue

This issues folder is by default in the workspace environment but can be modified in the general Rocrail server settings.
In the server trace window the fully qualified path will be shown.
If the server runs on the same computer a file explorer window will be opened which contains all files which can be compressed into one file for uploading in to the forum. With newer revisions an file is created automatically.
Optional another path can be selected if the server runs on the same computer.

Posting the Issue

Compress the Issue directory into a 'issue'.zip file on Mac/Windows or into a 'issue'.tar.gz on Linux.
Attach this 'issue' archive to the Forum posting.

Help Menu




The subject of the issue. (Mandatory)
Do not use special characters in the subject because it is used for building a filename, which can be platform dependent.


Optional path for storing the issue files in case the server runs on the same computer as Rocview.


Short description of the issue. This is optional but highly recommended.

Directory contents

issue.txt Content of issue dialog and statistics of server.
plan.xml Memory dump of model which includes all separate input XML files like modules and locos. (The file name will resemble the rocrail.ini and could be different, and the preceding path will be removed.)
occ.xml Memory dump of occupancy and placing.
rocrail.ini Memory dump of server settings. (The preceding plan file path will be removed.)
rocrail.trc Copy of current trace file(s).

These files are contained in an "issues" sub-directory.

Adding a file to the forum

At the bottom of the forum there is an option "Attachments".
Select the file you want to place in the forum with the "Add files" option and then press "Submit".



Date: 20120930.112140.715
Rocrail 2.0.999-4021 Sunrise (linux)

started at Sun Sep 30 11:20:31 2012

process id         = 81373
working directory = /Users/rob/lp/Rocrail/unxbin/virt
allocation count  = 17555
allocated memory  = 3 MB
clients           = 1
connections       = 1
locos             = 2

De trein vertrekt niet.:
Ik heb al van alles geprobeerd maar zelfs met een zetje wilt de trein niet gaan rijden.

BackTrace: (last 10 exceptions and warnings)
 unable to open file: netroutes.xml
 Error open file [netroutes.xml] [rb]
 Error open file [netroutes.xml] [rb]
 block [03] not found
 block [02] not found
 block [01] not found
 createMap: locationlist NOT found.
 createMap: operatorlist NOT found.
 createMap: waybilllist NOT found.
 createMap: linklist NOT found.

13 threads:
timedoff "timedoff"
clockticker "clockticker"
r2rreader "r2rreader"
V200 "Elektrolokomotive E 41 der DB"
infw035C98E0 ""
broadcast "ClientCon Broadcaster"
tick06F00E00 "tick06F00E00"
checker "checker"
cconmngr "ClientCon Manager"
r2rwriter "r2rwriter"
vcs-1 "vcs-1"
E03 "Elektrolokomotive BR 103 der DB"
cmdr035C98E0 ""

Setting an Entry in the Forum as solved

  • Navigate to the first posting in your thread
  • Choose button "Edit"
  • Got to the very end of the subject line
  • For Windows: press key "Win" and ".", a table with icons appears
  • For Apple: press [FN], a table with icons appears. If it does not appear, set the function "Show Emoji & Symbols" in the keyboard settings at "Press [FN] key to".
  • Choose tickmark
  • Press button "Save changes"
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