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Install Rocrail under Linux

Ubuntu Example

The screen shots were made under Ubuntu 20.04.10, 64bit, and minimal installation.

Open a WEB Browser

Open FireFox and goto
Select on the side bar Daily & Regular Builds:

Select the installer

See the list of compatible distributions.
Select the ZIP Installer for the used Debian version:

Open the installer

Click on the installer and let it be opened by the default application:

Install Rocrail

Click on Extract:

Create the ~/Rocrail folder:
The unzipped files are shown in the file explorer:

First Install Scripts

These steps are only needed in case Rocrail was not installed. Not needed in case of an update.

Open a terminal window:

Start ./ to create a Rocview Desktop link, (Do not start this script with prefix sudo!)

The desktop link must be allowed to launch.
Initially it looks not like the Rocrail Icon:
Just allow launching with this link:

Start Rocview

Just (double)click the Rocview Desktop Link.

Open the Demo Workspace

Select from the Rocview Menu: File → Demo Workspace:

Ready to run

Testing Rocrail virtually is now possible:

Next steps

If your Command Station needs an USB and/or Serial connection, check this.

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