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Slot Server

ContentCommand Stations Digitrax LocoNet

:!: Use only when no LocoNet Command Station is attached to the network!


The goal is to create a LocoNet environment with the Slot Management implemented in software, and using a none LocoNet CS.
The Rocrail server supports multiple controllers/command stations and it can redirect commands from one controller to the other, using the IID as destination controller, which is used when the Slot Server in the loconet library is activated. The redirection can be to any other controller.
The Slot Server behaves like an ordinairy LocoNet CS which should be transparent to connected devices like throttles. (FRED, FREDI)
FRED function F0 to F8 are supported.

IntelliBoxes, configured as throttle, are not supported.

LocoNet Details

Slot purge time

A slot read is automatically issued when this given time is almost elapsed for a mobile decoder to prevent the CS to purge an idle slot.
Set to zero to disable this feature in case of an active slotserver.



Activate the slot server.

Mobile Only

Disable this if the slot server also should dispatch stationary switch commands to the sub command station.

Purge slots

Remove idle locomotives from the stack and set the velocity to zero.
Advised is to disable this option in combination with the SlotServer.


The Interface ID of the Command Station to use to forward the Loco commands.

Dispatch IID

To redirect the dispatch command to the Slotserver: DPIID!

Example with GCA101

Dispatch IID


Command Stations

Instead of the Virtual CS any CS can be used which is capable of dealing with Loco commands.

LocoNet Setup

Slotserver setup

Loco Interface ID

The Interface ID must be left empty; The redirect Slotserver IID will be used automatically.


Rocrail CS overview with ORD-3 LocoNet compatible Modules

If you only want to use the Fred(i) and ORD-1 the needed components are:

How To Dispatch

  1. Connect the FREDi to LocoNet.
  2. Select a loco in loco tab.
  3. Select Dispatch from the context menu, right click. (Dispatch Set)
  4. Push Shift, yellow button, and Stop on the Fredi to take control. (Dispatch Get) → fredi-mini-anleitung.pdf

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