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Locomotives: Calibrate

Calibrate Tab

CV 5, 6

The following values are used in case an MVTrack calibrating command:

Max. km/h

The max. km/h to use for calibrating.
If zero the V_Max value on the interface tab is used.

CV 5

The maximum decoder speed CV 5 value range; Check the decoder manual for the correct values.

CV 6

The percentage, default 30%, of the calculated CV 5 value to save in CV 6. (CV 6 is the mid decoder speed. Check the decoder manual if CV 6 is supported.)
With the checkbox on the right the POM programming of CV 6 can be enabled or disabled.

VMax/VMid CV#

These fields can be used if the CV numbers are not NMRA DCC conform.
The second field to the right is an optional index of the CV. Typically for MFX decoders.
Note: The default NMRA DCC values are used if not set.

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