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Multiple Units


LocDialog Multiple Units Tab.


The Multiple Units page makes it possible to create a consist of locomotives with this locomotive as master.
All commands sent to this locomotive will be dispatched to all listed locomotives in this consist.
Make sure that all listed locomotives run at the same speed as the master of this consist; you probably need to fine tune their CV's using the Program Track.

If the master is a virtual locomotive this page can be used for swapping the real locomotive of a consist. All references, actions and so on, are not effected by swapping one or more members which is especially helpful in automatic mode.

Slave velocity commands are redirected to the consist master.

Drive free as slave

If this option is activated the locomotive can temporarily be controlled alone as a member of a multiple consist.

Lights off

The lights are not synchronised with the master.
If this options is checked the lights of all slaves are always off, otherwise they are always on.

Synchronize Lights

Dispatch the lights function from the master to all the slave locos if the Lights off option is not set.

Synchronize Functions

Dispatch the selected functions from the master to all the slave locos.


:!: Do not include the master as member in one of the slave units to prevent a server loop!

All 'slave' locomotives for this consist.
By selecting one of the list you can delete it.

Loc ID

Add additional locomotives to the consist list by pushing the Add button.

see Link Locomotives and Trains

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