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  • Supports DCC, DCC Long, Märklin/Motorola, and other protocols
  • 28 functions available, with function mapping.
  • Locomotives can be combined into Consist Units ("Multi-heading").
  • Run time counter and Catalog Number fields to track your Model's history.
  • Many details to influence the routing of a train.
  • Software velocity settings for both directions allow you to define Vmin, Vmid and Vmax without programming the decoder.
  • Custom images can be added to display your own picture of your locomotive.


  • Full support for programming tracks.
  • CV read and write on programming tracks.
  • "Programming On The Main" support.
  • Up to 1024 CVs can be programmed (depends on your decoder).
  • DCC Dialog for CV29 support
  • Bit Set check boxes to avoid converting from binary to decimal
  • 28 step Speed Curve dialog
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