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LocDialog Funtion Tab.

[ < Fg ] 1-7 [ Fg > ]

These buttons select a group of 4 functions each.
The number between the buttons shows the selected group.
The selected functions are displayed in front of the corresponding fields.

Group Functions
1 1 - 4
2 5 - 8
3 9 - 12
4 13 - 16
5 17 - 20
6 21 - 24
7 25 - 28
8 29 - 32

F0 - F32


Free text to describe Decoder functions. This text is also used as a 'tooltip' in the locomotive control dialog.

Note: Keep it brief to fit in Mobile Client buttons.

This is mandatory for saving a function definition; Without a description all other settings are lost.

)( Pushbutton

The option determines the behavior of the associated Function key / button in throttles.
Deactivated = Switch. The function is alternately switched ON and OFF by pressing a button.
Enabled = Button. The function is ON only for the duration of the button is pushed.


The function code is mainly for selecting the corresponding icon on mobile devices.


With the timer box the function can be deactivated automatically. Values greater than zero are activation time in units of 100ms.
Starting with Rev. 14571+, the maximum time is 10,000 x 100 ms = 1000 s or 16 2/3 minutes.
Values greater than zero are interpreted as time. (0 = switching function, 1 = pulse function with 100 ms, 2 = pulse function with 200 ms, etc.)
With a null entry, the function remains activated until it is deactivated by an event, an action or manually.

Note: Due to the slot management of the CS track signal, noticeable deviations may occur if many trains running (High data traffic) and a Function time is short.


Pushing the tripple dot […] button opens the Function event picker dialog.\\. Events are optional, do not use it if you only want tooltips.

Function events will only work when running your locomotive in auto mode!

On/Off event

Select one or more blocks to trigger this function on or off.


The events enter, in, exit known from Sensors and Blocks can be used to trigger a function on or off. In addition, run and stall can be used to trigger a function on or off depending on the loco running (speed step >0) or not (speed step =0).

This applies only to the "block enter side" selected.


A sound file name to play on activating the function.
The file names must be defined complete (name.extension).
The sound path and player must be setup in Rocrail General Tab.


A icon file name to show in the function button.
File format: PNG, 50x50 pixel with transparent background.
The file names must be defined complete (name.extension).
File location: Image path
A double click on this field open a file choose dialog of this folder.

Address & Fx

Function mapping on another decoder address.

  • The loco decoder address is used if the address is set to zero.
  • The same protocol is used as set on the Interface Tab.
  • Set/leave the fx to zero to disable mapping.

Binary States

If Fx > 100 it will be interpreted as set "Binary State" -100 on following command stations:

The address field must be set > 0 and maybe the same as the primary decoder address.
See for details: NMRA S-9.2.1 Feature Expansion Instruction

Known applications:

  • TCCS (TrainCoupling&CommunicationSystem) AKA "T4T"

LED, Count, Color, Bri, on, off

These options are only usable with WIO as a Loco decoder.

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