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Locomotives: SBT - Soft Brake Timer


The SBT records can be sorted by clicking on one of the columns headers.


SBT = Soft-Brake-Timer
Deceleration can be used for reducing speed by the Interval and Decelerate parameter.
Be careful with using this option; It can overload the Command Station with too many Speed commands.
Configuring the CV3/4 is a better approach but for some high speed trains this could be difficult.
SBT is not a "Self learning" process like BBT and must be configured manually.


SBT is activated for the selected loc by filling in the default values for that loc. The default values are used everywhere on the layout when the locomotive has to decelerate from a higher to a lower speed (except inside blocks with BBT when the locomotive has to stop). This means that once switched on, SBT applies everywhere - for that loc.
Decelerate speed reduction per interval.
Interval between the speed commands.

  • Important: The option Regulated on this tab need to be activated, for SBT to take effect.

Default override

Where the default values of SBT do not fit, create an individual line with different values for the corresponding block.
This can also be a line with 0 / 0 to completely deactivate SBT there.

This loco option should be set in case SBT should start at the enter event:
See: Reduce speed at enter


The default key for a SBT record.
Format: "BlockID"


If set this value is used as extended key for a SBT record.
Format: "BlockID-TrainID"
If no record was found on entering a block with this extended key the default key is used to look up a SBT record.


Must be set to enable SBT.
The interval between the speed commands in units of approximately1) 100ms.


Decelerate is the speed reduction per Interval, it will be subtracted from the actual speed until the wanted speed is reached.
This option is disabled in case set to zero.

This value does not represent decoder speed steps but a part of the speed range set by V_Max.



A SBT record with the set parameters will be added to the list.


Delete a selected SBT record.

Delete all

Delete all SBT records.


The modified parameters are inserted in the SBT record.


Export all SBT records in a XML file.


Import SBT records from a XML file.

Operating System dependent
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