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Locomotives Tab


What is shown, and which actions are available.


The sorting order can be changed by clicking on one of the column headers.
Columns can be reordered by dragging with the left mouse button and shift down.

Column selection

A right click on one of the column headers will open de Column selection dialog. (Only if wxWidgets version is at least 3.0.2)


Filtering can be activated by the View menu.


The ID, Image and Train fields can be used with Drag&Drop to set this loco in a block; Just click in one of those cells, drag it into a block and release the left mouse button to drop.
The block will be cleared before if there was already another loco in the block.


Loco ID which is set in the General tab of the Loco setup dialog.


The interface address as defined in the Interface tab of the Loco setup dialog.
If the loco is on top of the FiFo in a location this address will be suffixed with a plus (+) sign.1)


Shows the block which the locomotive occupies.

Character Meaning
- Block enter side.


Overview of all modes a locomotive can be in.
If the locomotive is operated manually using a speed controller, will show the throttleID. (Rocview, andRoc…)

Character Meaning
* Flagged for resume auto mode at next session.
> Half auto mode.
(n) Wait time = n Seconds
# Loco in shunting mode.

State of locomotives

Column Mode Denotation Blockstatesignal
stop The automatic of the loco is deactivated -, gray
idle Loco in idle state O, gray
auto Loco runs, auto mode A, green
auto Loco runs, half auto mode A, blue
wait Loco waits in a block, auto mode W, green
wait Loco waits in a block, half auto mode W, blue
wait Loco waits in a block, no destination found W, yellow
hold Loco is deactivated, background red
ctrl0 to ctrl3 Loco connected to gamepad device
rv… Loco operated manually, throttleID


The next block which will be used as destination.
The number between the brackets represents the schedule index:


See: Train length

The linked Train for this loco with the total length and weight in brackets.
A train can be Assigned and Released with the Loco Tab Context menu.
The total train length, including Consist members, is automatically calculated for use with blocks and routes.


V is the locomotive velocity.
When the number is prefixed with a minus sign means that the logical direction is swapped. Also the background of this cell will turn into red.
">" behind or "<" before the number denotes the set direction.
The optional value between brackets is the reported km/h from the loco decoder. (RailCom&BiDiB)

Character Meaning
- Logical Direction is swapped.
> Direction forward
< Direction reverse


With a double click on one of the locos grid cells, except for the ID, Image and Train column, a throttle control is launched: Loco throttle.


For manual controlling a train. The function buttons may also be used in automatic mode.

FG- and FG+

Those buttons changes the function buttons between function group F1-F4, F5-F8, F9-F12, F13-16, F17-F20, F21-F24, F25-F28 and F29-F32.
All depends on the locomotive settings, Number of functions, and the capabilities of the connected Command Station.


The F0 is in most systems used for the front/back lights of a locomotive.


Speed preset buttons:

I Vmin
II Vmid
III Vcruise

Shift (^)

Switch to Train Functions.


This will send speed zero to the selected loco.
If the loco is running in automode this will activate the pause which will reject any further speed commands. This is made visible with the red dot in the upper left corner of this button.
With a second click on the STOP button the pause will be ended.
See also: Pause on stop


See the Loco Functions on how to set the button Icons.
The icons will be scaled to fit in the button. (7395+)


The optional SpeedOMeter can be activated in the Rocview preferences.

  • Shows the actual Loco speed.
  • Shows the Loco run time which is refreshed at every speed change.
  • The scale is automatically selected depending on the Loco V_max.; 120 or 240kmh.

Long clicks

Button Function
Stop Manual mode ON/OFF (Zimo MX10)

Context menu


Starts or stops the automatic mode for this loco.
Depending on which is selected as destination the Start command will:

  • Run in random mode. (AKA "Aquarium Mode")
    • If the loco is already in automatic mode:
      • It will reset the block wait time.
      • it will overwrite the minimal occupancy in locations just once.
  • Runs to a defined destination.
  • Runs a Schedule or a Tour.

Home location

Virtual automatic

Stop follow-up

Stops the schedule or tour recycle or follow-up.

Manual/Automatically operated

Switch between automatic and half automatic mode. This setting will stay active for the current Rocrail session.

Shunting on/off

Switch the selected loco between Normal and Shunting mode. In Shunting mode for this loco Shunting routes will be reserved instead Normal routes.
The Shunting routes will be illuminated in "blue" instead of "yellow". Example for the SpDrS60 theme is instead of .
(In 04-2019 its only realized in the themes SpDrS60 and SLIM-COLOR).

Soft reset locomotive auto mode

Reset all, except for the current block and schedule, for the selected locomotive.

Reset locomotive auto mode

Reset all, including the current block and schedule, of the selected locomotive.

Swap logical direction

See: Loco direction.
Note: This will also swap the block enter side.

Swap block enterside

Swaps the block enterside

Dispatch/Release throttle

Free a loco to make it available for an external throttle; See the manual of the used Command Station for details.


Opens the Loco Properties dialog.

Set destination

Select schedule

See: Schedules.

Select tour

See: Tours.


To deactivate or to activate the automatic mode of this loco.
The Mode column of a deactivated loco shows hold on red background. A deactivated locomotive can not be started in automatic mode.

Useful if a loco is in a block, but it should be prevented to start this loco by, e.g., start all locs or resume all locs.


Removes the locomotive from the table. If the option show the locomotive is activateed the loc is displayed again in the table.

Assign Train

The dialog Operator Index will be opened and a selected train will be assigned to this locomotive.
see also:

Release Train

The assigned train (column "Train") will be released from the locomotive.

under construction …
see german Rocrail-Forum: Züge zusammenführen und trennen.
User page: Link Train

In automatic mode only.
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