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Locomotive Throttle

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Throttle Dialog for manual controlling locomotives:

Example of different throttle window sizes
Standard Minimum Large
. cx=200 cy=260 cx=140 cy=240 cx=220 cy=320
. images show 75% of the original size (macOS)

An individual dialog can be opened for each locomotive.

By double clicking on a table line in the Loco panel or a Loco image of the Loco Widgets (if activated) opens this dialog.
This dialog can be opened several times.

Enlarging the dialog also widens the buttons. Longer names of the function keys are then easier to read.

From Rev. 2.1.2324+ the sub-areas can be changed (red marking), e.g. to increase the area of the slider (2nd image).

If Rocview is ended, and one or more Throttle dialogues are still open, by default the positions and the chosen locos will be restored at next start. This can be deactivated in the Rocview Configuration.

If the Rocview option speedometer is active, a speed reported by the decoder via RailCom may be displayed in the optional area KM/H.
For details see here

Loco/Car Selection

Click on the image to select the wanted loco or car. (Only cars with address > 0 are listed.)
E03 is selected in this example screen shot.



Set the loco speed to zero.
If the loco is running in automode this will activate the pause which will reject any further speed commands. This is made visible with the red dot in the upper left corner of this button.
With a second click on the STOP button the pause will be ended.
See also: Pause on stop


Power off the system: Emergency Stop


Function group:

  • 1-14
  • 15-28


Locomotive lights.

Direction Image

The direction image is used to flip the running direction.
When the arrow points to the right means forwards; See screen shot.

Decoder selection

The button under the slider can be used to switch between the primary and secondary decoder address.
It is only enabled if the secondary decoder address for the selected loco has been set > 0.
This concerns only the speed; The functions will not swap decoder address.


The input field under the decoder selection can be used to set/reset a BinState:

BinState Keyboard
ON Enter
OFF Alt + Enter
Note: The keyboard focus must be in this field to process the Enter events. Normally a text cursor is shown when the focus is set in this field.


The buttons represent those in the Loc-Interface defined speeds.

Buttons Speed Tooltip
IIII V_max Vmax
III V_cruise Vcruise
II V_mid Vmid
I V_min Vmin

Long clicks

Button Function
Stop Manual mode ON/OFF (Zimo MX10)

An right Mouse click on the Loco picture in top of the throttle open this menu:

Set destination...

Open the dialog Set destination

Start Locomotive / Stop locomotive automat

Only active when automatic mode is switched on.
Starts or Stop the automatic mode for this loco. Same as context menu of the Locomotive tab.

Home location

Only active when automatic mode is switched on.
Starts the loco running to its Home location.


Open the Properties dialog General of this loco.


Open this page Locomotive Throttle

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