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LocoNet® is comparable with ethernet and opens the possibility of accessing the network with more than one computer using multiple LocoBuffers. For example one for controlling the layout running Rocrail, and the other one for maintenance and monitoring.


The Rocrail support is based on the Loconet Personal Edition:

Setup the rocrail.ini

<digint iid="loconet_1" lib="loconet" device="/dev/ttyS0" bps="19200" sublib="default">
  <loconet cmdstn="db150" purgetime="200">
    <options opsw="0000010000000010010000000100000001100000000000000000000000000000" store="true"/>

The options node is added automatically by the loconet library after reading the config slot of the command station. These options are shown in a human readable form using the LocoNet properties dialog were you can change them and store them back to the command station.


Uhlenbrock LocoNet 63350 modules are NOT useable in a Digitrax environment because of the lack of an optical isolation a current will flow from the layout over the LocoNet back to the Command Station!
(Uhlenbrock is Digitrax Certified…)
Those problems are directly caused by the different booster circuits.

The Uhlenbrock old LocoNet cables are NOT conform the LocoNet specs. The same wire should be on both sides at the same pin! However Uhlenborocks did change the new cables and are now conform LocoNet.

GCA & LocoNet

Mixing GCA and Digitrax stationary decoders need special attention in wiring:

  • BDL168 needs a railsync signal on pin 1 and 6; It won't report if it do not see this signal.
  • Provide signals at least on pin 2-5: 2+5 ground and 3+4 LocoNet.


LocoNet events

Following events are dispatched to the clients: (latest version)

  • sensor
  • switch
  • slot velocity and direction
  • slot functions

DR5000 limitation(?)/Options

The error message "Could not get slot for loco" in a DR5000 controller, Indicates that the LocoNet implementation in the DR5000 does not work with a lot of data traffic. It is advisable to switch to the Z21 protocol.
Use ibcom setting.

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