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LocoNet® Setup

LocoNet Interface Tab

The interface setup depends on the type of LocoNet connection: RS232, USB or Socket. An USB LocoBuffer maps on Windows as a virtual COM-port and on Linux as a USB serial device like /dev/ttyUSB0. The MS100 interface could cause some problems on your serial hardware because of the odd baudrate. A LocoBuffer provide baudrates which are common on all hardware.

CTS Flow

Un check this option if you have a mal functioning USB-RS232 Windows driver which is not capable of handling RTS/CTS Handshaking!
But you could get a buffer overflow problem at some point which will lead to un controlled running trains!
Better use Linux or try to find a device driver which is capable of hardware handshaking!

LocoNet Options Tab

A list of options depending of the Command Station you selected in the combobox. Check your manual for a detailed explenation of the option switches. Changes made here can be activated after leaving the RocrailIni Dialog with OK and by checking the Store options checkbox.

LocoNet Details Tab

:!: Do not activate the slotserver, this will conflict with the DCS* and could lead to a Rocrail server crash.
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