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Mi.Light products are low-cost and could be used for the Weather function in Rocrail.
The color spectrum is limited to 8 bit and will not be as smooth as other systems like Philips Hue and DMX.


The bulbs save the last color and brightness settings, and after a power off and power on, the last setting will be used. (Could be with zero brightness… The room remains dark!)
This is not the excpected behaviour of bulbs which are used to light a room; They should go white with 100% brightness after the bulbs are switched on again.


Bridge & Bulbs

The bridge and bulbs must be setup independent of Rocrail with a WEB Browser as described in the product manuals.

The QR-Code of the Apps, iOS and Android, are printed on the bridge.


Only the listed options below are evaluated by the MiLight library; All other options are ignored.


The IP address of the bridge.
At startup the available bridges are listed:

20170105.120159.306 r9999I main     OMiLight 0671 Bridge V5 response: [,ACCF23DB937A,]

With the Console command "5", Query network, this can be manually issued.


The port number is fixed:

Firmware Port number
V5 8899
V6 5987


Default is version 5 if this field is left to zero.
Version 5 is tested.

Output Addressing

Only address(group, zone) 1 to 4 are supported by the MiLight WiFi Bridge.
One address(group, zone) can be more then one bulb in the Bridge context.

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