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Mobile Selection Dialogue

The Mobile Selection dialogue is a shared dialogue which is used to assign a loco to a block, to select a locomotive for the Mouse Integrated Controller (MIC) and to select a locomotive to be controlled by a gamepad.

It appears after selecting Set Locomotive Assignment from the block context menu, after selecting Menu→Control→MIC and after activating function 10 of a gampad:

Highlighted locomotive with assigned loco image Highlighted locomotive with no image assigned

To select a locomotive, first the line with the desired locomotive ID is clicked (highlighted). Then the highlighted locomotive is selected by clicking on the locomotive picture at the top. If no image has been assigned to the locomotive, a grey locomotive outline is shown instead.

Tip: A double click on the locomotive ID also selects the locomotive. However, there is a greater risk of 'catching the wrong' locomotive.

After selecting a locomotive, the dialogue automatically closes.

Note: If this dialogue is used to assign a locomotive to a block, notice the following: A locomotive that is not currently in a block is hereby assigned to the block.
A locomotive that is already assigned to another block is moved to the block - logically moved in the plan, not physically on the layout. The Loco View Filter set to unused can be applied to prevent accidental movement of already assigned locomotives.

Show Hidden

The dialogue by default only shows locomotives that appear in the locomotive table. Activating this option additionally shows locomotives that are hidden from the locomotive table. If a hidden locomotive is assigned to a block, it will automatically be shown again in the locomotive table.

Tip: Locomotives can be hidden by either selecting Hide in the context menu of the locomotive in the locomotive table or by deselecting Show in the locomotive index.
The locomotive table remains short and clear if locomotives that are not currently on the layout, or generally should not participate in operation at the moment, are consistently hidden. With the show hidden option these locomotives can easily be added to a block and at the same time be shown again in the locomotive table.
Note: The option is automatically deactivated when the dialogue is closed.

Loco View Filter

The filter can be used to either show all locomotives (all, default), or only those that are not assigned to a block (unused) or only those that are currently assigned to a block (used). The last selection made is retained when the dialogue is closed and reopened.

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