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MÜT Multi Control 2004

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The muet library presupposes the use of BM8i sensor modules, and communicates using the Müt protocol.
The main difference with standard SLX is the monitoring option which makes polling of the complete SX-Bus unnecessary.


Select the muet library from the Rocrail Command Stations setup.
The RTS/CTS handshake is fixed set in the library.

Sensor addressing

For sensor addressing see: SLX sensor addressing

Train recognition

Recognition reporting, with BM8i modules, is always on the block sensor address +16. (Rocrail addressing.)
This can be used as ident event in the same block.
In the loco properties on the general tab the identifier field must contain the decoder address

Switch position reporting

The Initfield command must be issued to activate switch position reporting.



Obviously the protocol has been changed in version 3.14:

  • Loco events are no longer recognised by Rocrail.
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