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Multiple Command Stations

Content Rocrail Server
ServerMonitor | Console mode | Multiple Command Stations

In Rocrail you can use as many command stations and/or controllers as you need.

The first defined controller is the default and do not need to have a unique IID. (IID = Interface Identifier)

If you need more than one, you must set the IID for the next controller(s) like:


  <digint iid="p50x_1" lib="p50x" device="/dev/ttyS0" fbmod="0" bps="19200"/>
  <digint iid="hsi88_1" lib="hsi88" device="/dev/ttyUSB0">
    <hsi88 fbmod="7" fbleft="7"/>

The first, p50x_1, is the default and in this example used for loco and function decoders.

Number two in the list is a controller reading the Märklin s88 as quickly as possible and reports only changes. The IID of the second controller must be also set in all objects connected to it. In this case all sensors.


    <fb id="FB1" iid="hsi88_1" pin="8" unit="5" x="22" y="5" z="0" ori="west"/>

All settings can be made by using the Rocgui dialogs, but for a better understanding it is showed in it's basic appearance.

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