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Operator Train

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The Rocrail workspace for building this documentation.

The list contains the train cars with the location of the train and if necessary with the assigned freight bill and its destination.
The image of the selected cars will be displayed and its dispatching data can be edited in the "Operation" tab.
By left-clicking on the image or "car card" button, the Carriage dialog opens read-only.

Attention: no matter what locomotive is assigned to a train
- all train parameters will overrule the corresponding locomotive parameters!

Train type

The type will partly influence the choice of a new destination block depending on the block settings and permissions as described Block and train type.
If the train-type is set here, it overrules the train-type of the loco.


The Train class(es) used in Route and Block Permissions.


The company registration of the car.

Home location

Optional block or location ID to use as the home of this train.
This can be used in the Block context menu.

Max. km/h

Used by the locomotive to which this train has been assigned in case set greater then zero.
If this value is less then the Block Max. km/h and/or Route Max. km/h it will be used instead.
See also: Car Max. km/h.


Total accumulated train length of all selected railroad cars. (Read only)
The second length field can be used when using trains without cars; Empty length.


This number reflects the minimal radius of a train that can safely operate on curved tracks.
No checking is done, if this field is zero.

Max. incline

This number reflects the maximum incline a locomotive can safely operate.
No checking is done, if this field is zero.

Center Train

This setting will overrule the BBT-setting of the loco while a consist is established.
Option "Locomotive" will use the BBT-setting of the locomotive.


Attention: no matter what locomotive is assigned to a train
- all train options will overrule the corresponding locomotive options!

Options summary

Train options Locomotive options
Stop at pre2in event Stop at pre2in event
Reserve second next block Reserve second next block
- also in case of wait - Also in case of wait
Run around -
Use depart delay Use depart delay
Stop on fail goto block Stop on fail goto block
Use shortin event Use shortin event
Commuter train Commuter train
Free previous block on enter Free previous block on free or enter
use schedule departure time Use schedules departure time
Only direct goto block Only direct goto block

Run around

This option can be used in XMLScript-Query to check if this train should do a Run around.
A 'run around' should be avoided in case of a traction unit.

  • The following graphic and description are borrowed from a detailed chapter on the above Wikipedia page.
Principle of a "Terminal headshunt"



Note: If not set, and one of the cars/wagons has this option set, it will be an 'invisible' commuter train.

Finder Path

With this option a different setting than the global setting of the Path selection of the finder can be used for this train.
"Default" use the global setting.


Add a railroad car to this train.


Leave/dispose the railroad car at the current location.

Car card

Show the card/properties for the selected railroad car.


Show the active Waybill or assign a Waybill for the selected railroad car.
If the Waybill is set to delivered it will be removed from the selected car. (7101+)


Move a railroad car in the list up or down.


Opens the throttle for controlling railroad car functions.

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