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Operator Index

Index columns


Shows the loco ID used by the Operator Control.
This does not show the loco ID at which the Train is Assigned to.



Create a new train, the newly generated identifier “NEW” should be changed to a unique name / identifier.


Delete the selected train.


Note: If importing from a CSV file the separator character must be a comma.



Copy the selected train. The new name is the identifier of the original + the suffix "(copy)".

Loco Details

Show all

In case this dialog is used to assign a train to a loco only the train in the same block as the locomotive is listed.
Check this option to show all trains independent of the location.

Swap train image

If the locomotive and cars have images, then the images will be shown in the order of the car list.
A left mouse click will invert the image representation.
Default is locomotive on the left side, when this option is set, the locomotive is on the right.

Swap loco image

Puts the loco image on the other side of the train.

Assign train

A train can be assigned to a locomotive for calculating length and weight.

Assign locomotive to a train

The selected locomotive in the loco table is assigned to the selected train.

Detach the locomotive from a train

The selected locomotive in the train table is detached from the selected train.

Length of train

Length of the train which includes Locomotive length.

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