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Philips HUE


hue is a wireless, app-controlled lighting solution with the so-called bridge as a central element. The bridge is connected to the router and communicates wirelessly with up to 50 LED light sources, which can be dimmed, switched on and off and - depending on the model - be changed in light colour.

Note: Only Philips HUE products are supported by this library.

Basic functionality

With output commands the following functions can be controlled:

  • Turn lamps on and off
  • Set brightness
  • Set colour

See Weather for more possibilities.


It is recommended to use the Philips App, Android/IOS, to check the installed HUE system and to discover new lamps.

Only the Hostname/IP-Address and the User ID are used.

Interface ID

The ID to reference this library for Output objects and Programming the UserID.

Hostname and Port

The default port number is 80, and will also be used if the port number is set/left to zero.
The IP address of the bridge.


Note: This will be the ClientKey after programming the UserID.
The UserID to use for command send to the bridge.
If the UserID does not yet exist it must be Programmed.



Poll for HUE sensor states.


Time in ms between the poll queries.


Sensor address for be used as model temperature.
Only needed in case of multiple temperature sensors.

Light Level

Sensor address for be used as model light level.
Only needed in case of multiple light level sensors.



Some lamp types will show a short flash if the saturation value is also send.
Default: Deactivated.


If deactivated, no Trace messages will be send.

Alternativ: creating an UserID in the Hue Bridge

Take a look at this link, if you want create the UserID directly on the Hue Bridge:

Find the Bridge

With the following http link the Bridge can be found:
The browser should show you something like this:


The internalipaddress can be used as Hostname in the setup dialog.

Programming the ClientKey

Just push the PT Button on the Programming Tab to generate a new ClientKey in the Bridge.
If the Link button was not pressed on the Bridge an error message will show up in the Server window; Just push the Link button on the Bridge and try again.
The generated ClientKey will replace automatically user ID in the HUE Setup.

  • Do not forget to use the right IID, Interface ID, in case more Command Stations are defined in Rocrail.
  • Restart Rocview to see the new ClientKey in the HUE Setup.


Interface ID

The Interface ID of the HUE library.


The light number.


The parameter is used to set the Hue of the light if set greater then zero.
Not all light types, like LUX, do support this option and will report a parameter error.


The wanted brightness.

Activates the alert effect "lselect"; The light is performing breathe cycles for 30 seconds.



The control in HUE is type independent but recommended is to use type "Light" for advanced rendering in Rocview.

The "Iris" size depends on the brightness of the lamp if output type is set to light or backlight.
Make sure the Render Smooth option is active.


Controlling simple types like Smart Plugs.

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