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Philips HUE

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  • HUE


Basic functionality

With output commands the following functions can be controlled:

  • Turn bulbs on and off
  • Set brightness → The output value on the interface tab.
  • Set colour → Needs additional output properties.


Only the Hostname/IP-Address and the User ID are used.

Find the Bridge

With the following http link the Bridge can be found:
The browser would show you something like this:


The internalipaddress can be used as Hostname in the setup dialog.

Programmin the User ID

Just push the PT Button on the Programming Tab to add the new User ID in the Bridge.
If the Link button was not pressed on the Bridge an error message will show up in the Server window; Just push the Link button on the Bridge and try again.


Interface ID

The Interface ID of the HUE library.


The light number.


The parameter is used to set the Hue of the light if set greater then zero.
Not all light types do support this option and will report a parameter error.


The wanted brightness.

Activates the alert effect "lselect"; The light is performing breathe cycles for 30 seconds.

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