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PiCan_01 CANBUS / RocNet HAT for Raspberry Pi


Thanks to many enthusiastic users of Rocrail around the world, there is always something new.
Here is an idea and design of Gerhard Bertelsmann which enables a new approach.
Using a Raspberry Pi B, an interface was developed to create a connection with CBUS and RocNet on one board.
Via Raspberry Pi, it is possible to connect CBUS (CAN) and RocNet via Ethernet.
And of course, Rocrail server can run on this Raspberry Pi itself, making a safer use of Wifi connected Rocview client.
Basically, this unit combines a CAN-GC1(e) and a GCA_PI01 in one unit.
Except of course the 12 Volt supply as used with CAN-GC1(e).
That supply should be created externally, but Pi01Can has the connections available to transport that supply to the CBUS network.

For combination with Märklin Trackbox and CS2 please refer to MBUS.


Isolated means that there is an opto coupler between the Raspberry Pi and the CAN bus.

The design is able to isolate the Can Network from the Raspberry Pi, so the connected Ethernet will be isolated from Can as well.
Two jumper are on board to enable or disable the isolation.
When isolation is disabled one power supply of 12V, connected to the screw-terminals will be sufficient to
have 12 Volt to the D-connector for CBUS, and also a 5V is created for the Raspberry Pi.
The DC/DC converter U1 can be omitted in this case.
When isolated is enabled, the DC/DC converter is needed to supply the isolated side of IC4.
12 Volt is still needed for the CBUS, and the Raspberry Pi needs 5 Volt supply via RocNet RJ12 socket or via USB .
IC3 as on this prototype board, is no longer needed, and will be deleted in the final board design.
The 5V regulator VR1 is a very efficient switching type regulator, which will be able to supply 1 Amp continuously,
making it possible to run the Raspberry Pi with it.
IC2 is the CAN converter, communicating with the Raspberry Pi computer via standard SPI.
Jumper Jp1 is needed if this unit is at one of the ends of the CAN-line.

Led indication

Led Function
Led1 5V isolated section
Led2 5V Raspberry Pi
Led3 Flashes when RocNet is running
Led4 'Show' led for RocNet

Jumper settings

Jumper connect function remark
Jp1 1+2 120 Ohm to CAN only needed at each end of CAN line
JP3 2+3 isolation between RPI and CAN
JP3 1+2 no isolation U1 is unused
JP4 2+3 isolation between RPI and CAN
JP4 1+2 no isolation U1 is unused
supply 12V(via J2 or J3)
or 5V (via J1)


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