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Plan Tree


  • Plan Tree

The Plan view for advanced users. WIP

Rocview → Track plan → Plan tree


This view is a tree representation of the plan file, default plan.xml.
A double click on a child node will open the corresponding properties dialog.
The node order does not represent the plan.xml but is alphabetically sorted.


If the wrapper.xml is found in the Decoder Path, it will be used for resolving units and categories of the attributes.
Unknown attributes will not be listed in the value view.

Adding categories to the wrapper.xml is work in progress.


Expand/Collapse All

One click action for expand and collapse.

Show sub childs

Show also child nodes of objects like function definitions and so on.
A double click on a sub child does not open a dialog.

Show values

Shows the grid with values of the selected node.


Add or delete a node.
List nodes cannot be added or deleted.


Open the corresponding properties dialog.


Open the XML Editor for the selected node.


See for more information the Plan node about attributes and values:


Apply the changes made in the grid column Value.


Column Description Source
Name String from the translation map. rocview/res/messages.xml
Attribute Attribute name as defined in the wrapper definition. rocrail/public/wrapper.xml
Value The attribute value. plan.xml (User defined)
Units The value units. rocrail/public/wrapper.xml
Category The attribute category. rocrail/public/wrapper.xml
Range The range of the attribute value. rocrail/public/wrapper.xml
Remark Description of the attribute rocrail/public/wrapper.xml
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