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Power Manager


All boosters defined in the layout files are controlled by the Power Manager.
If a (modular) layout has more than one booster it will be easier to locate power problems like short circuits.
With modular layouts the benefit is clear when logical clusters of modules have their own booster.

Block reservation

If the Booster can report its power state the listed blocks will use this flag at reservation.
A reservation will be rejected if the Booster power is off.

Booster requirements

General type

  • input to control track power (output)
  • output for track power state (sensor)
  • output for short circuit detected (sensor)
  • turn off track power if no digital signal is detected to prevent mobile decoders to switch into analog mode (30ms)

CS Type

  • BiDiB
  • Märklin CS2/CS3 and Boosters
  • Z21

Rocview presentation

All linked modules and blocks will get a red background in case of a short circuit detected event.

This picture shows a short circuit in block 2. The block will get a yellow background, depending of the active theme, but the label will remain unchanged.

This picture shows a short circuit in block 2 and module m1.


Clicking on one of the headers will sort the index alphabetically according the selected column.


Add a new boosteer to the list.


Delete the selected booster. With the Undo dialog it can be retrieved in the same session.

Common Buttons


All text fields which are marked with a @ can open the @Box by a single click on its label if the text field is not empty.
The text field contents will be used to do a find.


The booster identifier.


Free text to describe this booster.

Interface ID

Interface identifier.


A brief description of the power district.

Short circuit sensor

The short circuit sensor generates an event on when it is detected and when it is cleared.
This ID should be defined in the sensor table.

Power sensor

An event is raised when the track power state did change.
This ID should be defined in the sensor table.
Blocks can check the power state before accepting a reservation.

Power output

The power manager uses this output to control track power.
This ID should be defined in the output table.


The decimal Unique-ID number of the booster or occupancy detection. (BiDiB)
The Short circuit/Power sensor and the Power output are not used and can be left empty.


Booster bus and address in the connected Command Station.
Supported CS:

  • MTTMFCC with Selectrix DCC Booster


If the Rocview should be able to show power events the linked modules must be added to the list.

Common Buttons


If the Rocview should be able to show power events the Blocks, Staging Blocks, Fiddle Yards and Turntables in this power district must be add to the list.
This has also impact on the reservation if the Booster is able to report power state by sensor or software report.


Repower On

Power on the booster after a short circuit has been cleared.

Report state

This flag is used in case the booster is able to report its state. (BiDiB UID)
Blocks can check the power state before accepting a reservation.


Dynamic text




Power control

The temperature cell background will change from orange to red starting at 60°C.


Track power control buttons for the selected booster.


Reset the min/max values of the selected booster to zero.1)


History log size in minutes.

This triggers random values generation in the Virtual Command Station.
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