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Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

ContentTrouble Shooting

  • Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests


Describing Bugs

Prior to a bug report (s. below) the bug has to be discussed on the Rocrail Forum! It should always be ensured the latest Rocrail revision available is used or checked whether the bug persists with this revision, respectively. Most problems are based on operating errors rather than on program bugs and can be solved quickly asking the forum.

To help answering questions concerning possible bugs

  • the forum topic should have a significant title
  • the problem and the steps to reproduce it should be described in detail
  • the current Rocrail revision should be specified
  • the rocrail.ini, the plan-file (e.g. plan.xml) and, where appropriate, the trace files (*.trc) should be attached as ZIP-compressed folder. See Create an issue for details.

Bug Report

Always use the latest Rocrail revision available!

Bug Reporting Tool

A helpful tool for Creating an issue.

Contents of a Bug Report

  1. Rocrail revision
  2. A precise and brief description of the problem
  3. A plan.xml as a (preferably simple) test case
  4. A step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce the problem
  5. rocrail.ini and trace files

Feature requests

Wishes have to be discussed on the Rocrail Forum before making a feature request!

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