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Rocview Programming


This comma separated list is used for the Read All, Write All and Save All operations in the programming section of the Rocgui. All CV's listed here are used for both operations.
In case of POM the CV 1, 17 and 18 should be not in this list.
Ranges can be defined for RocPro. A range is separated by a dash: "2,3,69-78,99"


After this amount of seconds the Rocgui will enable the programming section again if no response was received from the Command Station regarding a programming command.

Lissy addressing

Program the Lissy transmitter simultaneously when setting the decoder address.

Decoder Lissy CV Value
1 116 short address
17 117 long address high byte
18 118 long address low byte
29 129 configuration: 0=short, 32=long addressing

LocoNet SV Tab

Deprecated; No longer maintained, and no forum support.

General way for setting LocoNet accessory decoder options.


The default way of programming is using the CV (Uhlenbrock) mode.
Uncheck this option for using the SV (LocoIO) mode.

Use decoder file for CV numbers

The decoder files is used for the "Read All" function in RocPro.


For more information see: PT Programming Track

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