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Roco Rocomotion

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Roco made the used protocol public, and it is partly compatible with the Lenz XPressNet which is already supported by the Rocrail project.
There are some differences in handshaking and programming CV's.
The handshake and incompatible commands are demanding for a separate implementation: rnet.


Interface 10785

Programming track is implemented and POM as well.


Turnout adresses are set according to the standard format used in Rocrail, all formats (conventional, FADA and PADA are supported).
The first input of the feedback module with address 1 gets address 1 in Rocrail, following inputs are numbered in succeeding order.

Locdecoder functions

A multimaus supports all 12 locdecoder functions, a lokmaus (2) only 8. The lokmaus gets confused when commands for 12 functions are issued. When using a locmaus it is required for each locomotive to set the number of functions on the interface tab of the loco properties to 4 (default) or 8, otherwise the lights of the locomotives will behave erratic.


Setup the rocrail.ini


<digint iid="Roco-1" lib="rnet" device="/dev/ttyS0" bps="19200" flow="none" fbmod="#" readfb="true"/>


<digint iid="Roco-1" lib="rnet" device="com1" bps="19200" flow="none" fbmod="#" readfb="true"/>


  • /dev/ttyS0 or com1 has to be replaced with the port where your interface is connected.
  • replace # in fbmod="#" by the number of attached feedback modules in group 0
  • feedback modules in group 1 are not supported
  • To disable the feedback polling change readfb="true" to readfb="false"

Nodes, attributes and values are explained here: wrapper-en.html#digint

Roco 10787 Feedback module

Roco's feedback-modules has to be programmed with device number from 1 and upwards, without exceptions.

Otherwice Rocrail can't get feedback from the modules.

Known limitations

The feedback modules have to be programmed before used in Rocrail. At the moment this function is not implemented in Rocrail.

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