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Roco WLANmaus

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Speed commands are reduced to 10 after 5 minutes of demo time in case no valid Support Key is provided.
The WLANmaus; One for all. System overview with Router, Rocrail Server and Command Station.


The wmz21 library emulates a Z21 Command Station and redirect the WLANmaus commands to any another Command Station, or directly to the matching Loco, Switch or other objects.
Because every WLANmaus has its own IP-Address, this library can support multiple WLANmaus devices.


  • The wmz21 library must be the last one in the controller list.
  • The Z21 App maybe work also, but is not supported.
  • The wmz21 library cannot be used in combination with the z21 library; They both use the same port which is not possible on the same computer.



  1. See the manual to get WIFI access to the local network. (The display shows upper case characters only at typing the password, even when the shift function is off…)
  2. Change the Z21-IP-Address to the IP address of the Rocrail server:


Add a new Command Station of type wmz21.

Interface ID

Unique name for this controller.


Add the library wmz21 to the end of the Controller list, or set the Target accordantly to the wanted Interface ID.

A2ID Prefix

Optional prefix in case of addressing type A2ID.


The Addressing Scheme can be changed to fit the target CS:

Scheme Remark
FADA Default flat addressing.
FADAM The WLANmaus switch address divided by 100 is the bus, and the switch address modulo 100.
A2ID The WLANmaus switch address will be used as Rocrail switch object ID, range: "0001"…"2048".
If no switch was found by this ID the Routes, Signals, Outputs, Switches, Turntables and FiddleYards will be searched for this ID or Number.
This kind of mapping is CS type independent.

This is for converting the switch flat address send by the WLANmaus to a scheme which the target library supports.
The A2ID scheme could be off use for systems using the bus number extensively like BiDiB.

By Number

Routes, Switches, Signals, Outputs, Turntables and FiddleYards have optional numbers which can be used for mapping a switch address generated with the WLANmaus in combination with A2ID.
This is the easiest way for addressing Rocrail objects and is Command Station independent.
Only the first one found of an object list will get the command. Use Routes with numbers if multiple objects should be set with one click.

Throttle ID

Every connected WLANmaus has its own IP address which is used as throttle ID in Rocrail. (For example: "")
This can be used in combination with Disable steal loco server option.
The WLANmaus request continuously information about the selected loco. If this loco is already controlled by another throttle, the loco image in the WLANmaus display will flash. (See manual section 2.3.)

Supported Commands

  • Loco speed and direction
  • Loco functions 0…28
  • Short IDs
  • Switch, also by number (straight/turnout)
  • Route by number (set)
  • Signal by number (flip)
  • Output by number (flip)
  • Turntable by number (next/previous)
  • FiddleYard by number (next/previous)
  • Power ON/OFF
  • POM write
    Change the WLANmaus programming mode: MENU → PROGRAM → MODE →POM

Transmit the Short IDs

First of all the DP IID in the Rocrail properties must point to the Interface ID of this library.

To transmit all the Loco Short IDs, the WLANmaus must be put in receive mode:


Then select menu item “Control → Transmit Short IDs” to send all Short IDs to all WLANmaus'ses which are put in receive mode.

Virtual Machine

If the Rocrail server runs in a virtual machine, like VirtualBox, make sure the Network Adapter is bridged to be able to receive the WLANmaus packets.

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