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Rocrail's Components



The heart of Rocrail is the Server which holds the model of the layout, communicates with the Command Station(s) and services the clients.


All active parts of the model are represented by objects with a unique ID which contain the settings information the Server uses to control them.
:!: An object, of the same type with the same ID as a previous one, will overwrite this in the model.
:!: Changing object ID's requires a Rocrail server restart!


The connection from the Server to the layout depends on the Command Station(s) used. The interface for each CS translates Rocrail commands into specific commands for that CS, and translates event informations from the CS back to the Rocrail server.


How to setup your Rocrail Server to run the layout in automatic mode. This is not possible if you have not setup sensors in your layout.


The viewer is the Client that renders the layout and shows all events graphically. The Rocview is the primary client, but the Server can also support a web browser version of the viewer.

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